Magic and Comedy with Nathan Coe Marsh

Amazing and hilarious.
 Sunday April 17th .

Come out to Jack’s and bring the whole family for an evening of Fun with the very magical Nathan Coe Marsh. A local favorite for many years, he will delight, and surprise you, during his fast paced, high energy show. This is a night of entertainment that is for everyone.
Doors open at 4:30 P.M. Kids under 12 get a tasty meal for only $3.95 including beverage. Enjoy a 1/2 pound fresh made burger or our famous Fried Haddock dinner, or a great Steak and Cheese sub. lots of pre-show fun, and then sit back for the best Magic Show in years.

Adult Admission $10.00. Children under 12 $5.00
Birthdays parties are WELCOME. Call for details.
Reservations Strongly Suggested.   727-741-8014.
One item mimimum.

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