Ready to L.A.U.G.H. ?

Check out our page on a Facebook, near you.  We are assembling some fund raisers for no-kill animal shelters. Help us help our 4 legged friends.

What can I do ?

Just make a reservation, and come on out, and have some fun. The price of admission helps to support these dedicated people, in their efforts to save as many animals from being euthanized as they can. Because of the lousy economy, more animals than ever are being surrendered to shelters. Due to extreme overcrowding, some are kept for just a day or two, and then they are destroyed. We want to help to make sure that this stops. You can too.

Donations of cash, gifts to auction off, and your service as a volounteer, in some capacity, will be welcome. You CAN make a difference, starting right now. Go to FACEBOOK and like our page. Then, tell your friends, familty, and co-workers about an upcoming show, and encourage them to attend. Then, come on out and have a great time. We have some very dedicated artists, that have given their time, to come out and make you laugh. Show your support.

Old cell phones, laser cartridges, and digital print ribbons are welcome too. Bring them with you to the show, and we will put them in for recycling. All proceeds for these, will be given to the group, that we are raising money for.

Business owners are invited to promote their business, by helping to sponsor a show. The cost is nominal, and you get some great one on one contact with prospective new customers. Plus some VIP treatment at the event.

Call Larry, @727-741-8014 for more information, reservations, and opportunities for sponsorship. Don’t delay, these little friends of ours have no time left to wait. Help stop the madness, and call now. If you have room in your home, and your heart, there are a lot of great pets available for adoption, from a number of great shelters.

Here’s the link to our facebook page.