George Carlin Tribute starring Joe Beddia Tonight

Joe Beddia as George Carlin

Just a reminder, that Tonight is the night to see a truly great show. For a decade, many of us had the good fortune to enjoy the point of view of George Carlin. An honored guest on late night talk shows, and in theaters across the country,
George Carlin was one of the most well known, and controversial Comedians ever.

Whether you read his best selling books, or saw him on Saturday Night Live, he was unforgettable.

Joe Beddia, a professional actor, musician, and stand up Comic, has recreated the legend, in a stage show that has been critically acclaimed, and will delight any Carlin fan. Not only does he have the appearance, but every move, his voice, every nuance, is Carlin. 5 years of studying the Comic genius has resulted in a show that will delight and amaze.

Call now and make your reservation for tonight”s show. Tickets are only $10.00, but will sell-out today.
show time is at 8:30 P.M.,

Reservations and information 727-741-8014.