Steve Baird Headlining Tonight at Coconuts

Steve Baird

Leave all your cares behind, and come out for a laugh at Coconuts.
Tonight Steve Baird lights up the stage with his incredible treasure trove of hilarity, leaving nothing in his wake.

From Marriage to Country bars, and everything in between, he will have you laughing at his next zinger, while you are still laughing at the last one. So come on down, enjoy the new Tiki Deck, and then strap yourselves in for one of the funniest, barely employed, Comedians we have had perform, this year.

Steve Baird has performed at Colleges, Comedy Clubs, shopping malls, and Gas Stations, all over the country. He now calls Florida his home, since he has warrants out for him in most other states he has performed in.

Call 727-741-8014, for reservations. Come early, and enjoy a great meal before the show.

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