Chris Gorges Headlines August 24th.

chris gorges
This Saturday Night, Coconuts in Clearwater is offering up another night of laughs starring Chris Gorges.
The only problem with Chris, is trying to keep up. His manic Comedy style, leaves you laughing, but getting behind. Every time you see him, you will realize that, no matter how much you try to stay tuned in, he is going to leave you in the dust.

This weeks show will include never before seen photos and physical evidence from Area 51.
Before Reality TV was invented, the only thing that we got to watch was “news footage” from Area 51, and a few pictures of a guy planting a flag on the Moon. Boy, did they have us fooled.

Reservations and Information: 727-741-8014. Tickets are $12.00 at the door, and $10.00 in advance. Food and Drink specials available at the show.

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