About Larry Greenbaum

A few decades back, I had earned an all expense paid trip to Italy, thanks to a lot of hard work, and sales ability. At the last minute, my wife at the time, decided not to go, and was not going to tell me, until we were ready to leave for the airport. a family member alerted me to this fact, and i pleaded with her , with no success. I decided to find an alternative travel partner, just a platonic friend, to take her place. With some help from a local radio host, the calls poured in. I explained my dilemma to my prospects, and ultimately chose a young lady to join me on the adventure. The entire trip was filled with bizarre events, and many hilarious moments, that would be hard to believe, if you saw it in a movie. At that time, i thought, of an idea. Have a TV show, that was based on REAL events, Reenact stories that were not the ideas of a staff of writers, but really happened. Maybe call it reality TV. Or, the reality TV network. Nah, nobody would ever watch that.

Say No to Drugs. See why tonight.

                                      Steve Arik headlining tonight

                                         at Coconuts Comedy Club  


Come out for some fun, and bring the teens. Cause tonight it’s Comedian Steve Arik. Steve used to be a regular guy.

And then something went terribly wrong.

No, we are just kidding. He is funny, likeable, and endearing. It’s just that all those years of drinking, smoking, and experimenting with drugs, mixed in with all that really loud rock and roll, takes it’s toll on with you as you get older. So come on out and see what an 80s rocker is like in 2012. Get advice on how to avoid having this happen to you, or your kids.

Showtime at 8 and 10 P.M.

Reservations Required. 727-741-8014            

tickets all shows $10.00Steve Arik

Introducing the Platinum Comedy Series

The Best Shows.

At the Best Price.

Hilarious a Stand-up Comics. Breathtaking  Club Magicians, Awesome Ventriloquists that would give Jeff Dunham a run for the money.

How about an evening of Comedy with George Carlin. He died…are you sure?  Wait till you see this show.  Maybe an evening of Rock and Roll stars is more to your liking.  Twenty of the most famous people in the last 20 years….all in one evening….all performed by one man.

We have put together a summer series of shows, including a few acts that played Las Vegas, and Cruise ships for years and years. Others you may recognize from Comedy Central, or the Tonight Show.

WE have the Best Acts Available. At a price that anyone can afford. So take a moment and make your reservations for the most fun you can have, and not break the bank.

The only way you can be disappointed, is if you miss out on these great live shows.

Joe Beddia as George Carlin




Craig Gass is Coming !


— Miranda’s “Glazed Donut” boyfriend on HBO’s Sex and The City!

— “The New Guy” at Kevin James’ work on King of Queens!

— Gene’s arch-nemesis on Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels!

 Craig Gass

Click HERE to get tickets!!!!

An Offer You Can’t Refuse.

The Godfather of Performance.

The Polish American Club will never be the same after November 12.

Everyone is Welcome for a delicious Italian Dinner, and a night of laughter with Singer-Musician-Impressionist Joe Beddia.

Dinner and the Show is only $17.00.
Reservations 727-934-0900.

the Polish American Club is located at 4616 Darlington RoadHoliday, Fl. 34691

From the moment he walks on stage you are helplessly captured by his mystical presence. Audiences all over seem to ask the same question…Did he just just walk off the movie set during his daughter’s wedding and suddenly “just appear”? This is the first impression you’ll get at a “Godfather of Performance Show”!

This truly unique comic, singer, musician, and impersonator is Joe Beddia, a Boston native, who for the past 30 years or so played, sang, and entertained throughout New England and beyond. This (one-man) show is said to be one of the most action packed events you’ll attend and be part of!

Big Shows Ahead.

 This Saturday night, it’s radio personality B.J.Odom.

B.J. Odom is a southwest Florida favorite, playing Clubs and Colleges, and hosting on The BULL 106.9 radio. Prior to 106.9, he was a favorite on OLDIES 95.  But tonight, he will become your favorite at COCONUTS.  Showtime is at 8 P.M. and 10 P.M., and tickets are just $10.00.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED   Just give us a call @ 727-741-8014, and you are set.

In addition to some real laughs, you can count on  B.J. Odom to perform a few bad Magic tricks. You will be delighted, but probably not amazed.

Ready to L.A.U.G.H. ?

Check out our page on a Facebook, near you.  We are assembling some fund raisers for no-kill animal shelters. Help us help our 4 legged friends.

What can I do ?

Just make a reservation, and come on out, and have some fun. The price of admission helps to support these dedicated people, in their efforts to save as many animals from being euthanized as they can. Because of the lousy economy, more animals than ever are being surrendered to shelters. Due to extreme overcrowding, some are kept for just a day or two, and then they are destroyed. We want to help to make sure that this stops. You can too.

Donations of cash, gifts to auction off, and your service as a volounteer, in some capacity, will be welcome. You CAN make a difference, starting right now. Go to FACEBOOK and like our page. Then, tell your friends, familty, and co-workers about an upcoming show, and encourage them to attend. Then, come on out and have a great time. We have some very dedicated artists, that have given their time, to come out and make you laugh. Show your support.

Old cell phones, laser cartridges, and digital print ribbons are welcome too. Bring them with you to the show, and we will put them in for recycling. All proceeds for these, will be given to the group, that we are raising money for.

Business owners are invited to promote their business, by helping to sponsor a show. The cost is nominal, and you get some great one on one contact with prospective new customers. Plus some VIP treatment at the event.

Call Larry, @727-741-8014 for more information, reservations, and opportunities for sponsorship. Don’t delay, these little friends of ours have no time left to wait. Help stop the madness, and call now. If you have room in your home, and your heart, there are a lot of great pets available for adoption, from a number of great shelters.

Here’s the link to our facebook page.






New Shows to be broadcast on Brighthouse Channel 341.

 Coconuts Comedy Club shows will be taped live and re-broadcast on Brighthouse on Demand Channel 341. Make reservations now, and be part of the show.

Jamn 106 Live presents the Coconuts Comedy Series on Brighthouse Channel 341.  Shows will be taped beginning September 16, 2011. You can be part of an upcoming episode, by making a reservation while seats are available.

Besides a top notch funny show, you will be part of the audience, that is seen coast to coast on the Brighthouse network. Have a great night out, and be seen on TV. Tickets for all upcoming taped shows are still only $10.00. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.
Call 727-741-8014 for reservations, and check out our Upcoming Shows Calender for Show info.