The Chris and Tiffany show.

Two of the bay area’s best new talent comes in the form of what many would call an unlikely mix. Chris Gorgeschris gorges was playing clubs after leading The Charming Hooligans Improvisation group, and Tiffany Barbee was a new to the game open mike participant who was an ex model, and current Karate instructor.

Well, Chris took Tiffany Barbee under his wing, and after taking on some quick opening sets,  she has  become a quick witted take no prisoners comic.     

Chris Gorges takes the stage, and the show is on. But, feeding off the audience this master of Improv will change his act from one moment to the next. His quick wit, and his continuing commentary adds to the laughs.

if you haven’t had the pleasure to see these comedians stay tuned, and we will keep you up on their future shows.

Editors Note: Tiffany has a lot of appeal with the Ladies and The Men. When you look at her, you are not expecting the comedy she has become known for. Chris Gorges is a manic, high energy show, and is flexible enough to play any room, any audience, and have everyone laughing.

Tiffany barbee smile